Maya Island

The Maya Island in Second Life is the graduated final project University of Washinghton’s Virtual Worlds Certificate 2011 Class.

Explore the four island areas to learn about Maya civilization:

  • Area 1: Medicine Village [East]

Ha’men’s Apprentice Quest

  • Area 2: Mayan Science [South]

Station #1: Maya Agriculture

Station #2: Maya Fishing

Station #3: Maya Astronomy (sky platform)

  • Area 3: Maya Mythology Triathlon [West]

Experience #1: Ball Game Challenge

-> hint: win the game & collect your prize to unlock the next level & visit the hidden location!

Experience #2: Three Stone Place – Maya Glyph Challenge

-> hint: play the challenge and explore to discover the freebie Maya avatar

Experience #3: Highland Village with Thunderbolt Throwing Game & Creation Myth Cave

  • Area 4: Explorer’s Cove [North]

Visitor’s center & coin mini hunt for the brave!


Maya Island was designed and developed by University of Washington’s 2011 Class of the Virtual Worlds Certificate Program. UWVW Class of 2011 Members:


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