Maya Island Presentation in VSMM 2012 conference

UW Maya Island, designed and developed in Second Life by the UWVW class of 2011 was presented at the VSMM 2012 conference in Milan through a paper by Valerie Hill and Stylianos Mystakidis. Check out the presentation slides here.


Maya Island at VSMM 2012 Conference

uw maya island second life

UW Maya Island will be presented on September 4th 2012 at the International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM) in Milan, Italy.

More specific a paper with the title “Maya Island Virtual Museum” authored by Valerie Hill, Phd and Stylianos Mystakidis has been accepted and will be presented in the conference.

For more information about the conference’s program, visit VSMM 12 website.

Maya Island Machinima Introduction

What can you find and do on Maya Island? Check out the cool machinima video by Bev Landar.

Maya Island Poster & Machinima Finalists in VWBPE!

Maya Island Poster and Machinima were selected by Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE)  Judge Committee among the Finalists in the 2012 competition!

More specifically, our Poster -an interactive 3D exhibit- is nominated for the “Best Example of Educational Practice in a Virtual World” award and Valibrarian’s video is nominated for “Best Educational Machinima“.

In each category there are three nominations, so please check out the exciting posters and machinima on display and cast your vote on Friday March 16th!

Maya Island on Epic #VWBPE conference

Hot news: The Maya Island participates in the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE12) conference in the following ways:

  1. Panel discussion on the instructional design of the island
    When: Friday, March 16th, 1-2 pm SLT
    Where: Edtech Island, Edtech Auditorium
  2. Guided Tour to Maya Island
    When: Friday, March 16th, 2-3 pm SLT
    Where: Tour Departure Area
  3. Maya Island Poster (3D Exhibit)
    We’re participating in the poster competition, so please come over and vote for us!
    When: Visit & Vote on March 15-16th!
    Where: VWBPE12 poster area (no. 34)
  4. Maya Island Machinima
    We’re participating in the machinima competition!
    When: Thursday, March 15th, 8-10pm SLT
    Where: Machinima Auditorium

Next to these, the UW Alumni is also organizing more fascinating events:

The VWBPE conference is a unique event on education in virtual worlds, so please come over and support our events!

Maya Island Tour Machinima

Check out the wonderful machinima from the tour organized for the Community Virtual Library on Info Island.

The machinima was filmed and produced by fellow UW Alumni, the talented Valibrarian Gregg.

The machinima is submitted to the VWBPE machinima competition and will be aired on March 15th.

The Maya Island will participate in VWBPE with a panel discussion on instructional design, the machinima and a poster.

Maya Astronomy Center machinima

One of the four sections on the Maya Island is dedicated to Maya Science and includes a Maya Astronomy skybox created by Bev Landar. Here is a detailed machinima: