I Saw the Sun at Midnight Rising Red

Larkworthy Antfarm, Humanities instructor at Community Colleges, filmed this wonderful machinima on Maya Island.


Highlights from the UW Virtual World Class of 2011 Graduation


When one experience is so powerful and deep it’s hard to be described in words.

The Graduation Ceremony & Spring Show of the University of Washington Virtual World Certificate Class of 2011 in Second Life was such a special experience.

Heike/Gwen has offered us a wonderful recap of the evening.

Enjoy now also video highlights by Valibrarian machinima artist, UWVW alumni of 2010!

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Maya Astronomy Center machinima

One of the four sections on the Maya Island is dedicated to Maya Science and includes a Maya Astronomy skybox created by Bev Landar. Here is a detailed machinima:

Maya Island Guided Tour Recording

On July 1st 2011 we held our first guided tour of the Maya Island in Second Life for around 25 members of SLExperiments.

After a short introduction about the Maya Island by Stylianos Ling, Sicily Zapatero and Bev Landar lead the group to the Maya Glyph challenge, the Astronomy skybox and the Creation Myth Cave. The tour ended with discussion over tortillas and Maya music in the Highland Village. Cybere & Gwen co-moderated the tour.

Watch here the full recording (adobe connect) along with pics and comments.

Creators of Maya Island

Meet the team who designed & created Maya Island on Second Life: The 2011 Class of the Certificate in Virtual Worlds Program (UWVW) offered by the University of Washington.

UWVW Class of 2011 Members: